Deepen Your Faith


Every part of the church body is important. God has given you unique talents and interests, and there’s a place to use them at Second CRC! We have programs and ministries for people of all ages.

Draw Closer to God

We believe it is important for all of us to study God’s Word and learn more about what it means to be a Christian in the world. We provide many opportunities for people of all ages to spend time in the Bible and with other believers.

If you would like more information about any of these programs, please contact us.


These small groups of adults meet regularly to study the Bible, pray for each other, and uphold each other. They often engage in outreach projects or participate in worship services. Each group chooses its own day/time to meet, and how many weeks they will meet. Groups are formed in September of each year, but you are always welcome to join any time.(Contact us to get involved with a group)

In a joint ministry between First and Second Christian Reformed Church, women gather together in the fall and then again in mid-winter/spring. They choose a set of materials and meet weekly to share, pray and study. On Tuesday mornings, the group meets at Second CRC. Nursery is provided, and Story Hour teaches children ages 3-6 about the Bible. Groups also meet on Thursday evening at First CRC. Connections will begin again in the fall.

Men meet on Saturday mornings at church for Bible study and also to talk “guy stuff,” like tools and home improvement projects! (Check calendar)


Children in 2nd-8th grades meet on Sunday after church, from 11:30 am-12:15 pm. Sunday School is tailored to the ways children learn. We help children grow in faith, build community and have fun! (Contact us)

Our middle school youth group lives up to its name! Leaders and kids explore the Bible and what their faith really means in today’s world. There are also games, events, and lots of…well…chaos! We welcome any middle school student to join this fun fellowship. The group meets (approximately) every other Wednesday during the school year.(Check calendar)

High school students spend time in Bible study and conversation about real issues in today’s world. They also go on mission trips and service projects, and yes, they have fun too! The group meets (approximately) every other Sunday evening during the school year. (Check calendar)

It is important to know what you believe, and what it means. Young people in 9th-12th grade study the Catechism after church on Sundays during the school year to explore and strengthen their own faith foundation. (Contact us)

Boys in 3rd-8th grade meet to discover God through badge work, Bible lessons, projects, camping and field trips. We combine our ministry with First CRC, and meet at their building the first and third Monday evening of every month during most of the school year. (Check calendar)

Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior (GEMS) brings 2nd-6th grade girls into a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ through praise time, Bible lessons, badges, crafts, and service projects. We combine our ministry with First CRC, and meet at our church the first and third Monday evening of every month during most of the school year. (Check calendar)