Every church is a unique reflection of its history and its beliefs. This is a place with deep roots and a strong Christian Reformed tradition. We invite you to visit and experience it for yourself.


Second Christian Reformed Church is part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. You can read more about creeds and theology on the CRCNA website. However, here are the basics that govern our worship and work in this world.

The Bible is the infallible Word of God. He speaks to us through this Word, and our preaching is based on this Word.

We are saved by grace alone. Nothing we can do makes us right with God. Only by accepting the sacrifice of His perfect Son on our behalf can we experience the joy of a restored relationship with God.

We are called to share the Gospel. We are God’s missionaries throughout the world, spreading the good news of His forgiveness and love.

You will find that this church acts on these beliefs in many ways, including:

  • Biblically centered worship, with a strong emphasis on preaching the Word.
  • Support of Christian education for our children.
  • Long-term support for missionaries at home and abroad.
  • Active volunteerism and support of the lakeshore community.


1882 / The Free Independent Reformed Church was formed with 75 families. Services were preached in Dutch.

1895 / The first English-language sermon was preached here.

1910 / All services were conducted in English.

1915 / The first choir was formed.

1924 / We sponsored our first missionary.

1927 / The years of the Great Depression hit this congregation. Church members joined together to provide benevolent gifts for food, heat and housing.

1949 / The consistory voted to get an option on lots at the corner of Sheldon and Robbins, the site now occupied by the church building.

1957 / Lots for the church and the parsonage were purchased.

1966 / Construction was completed, and the new building was dedicated at the Easter Sunday morning service.

1982 / We celebrated our 100th anniversary!

2003 / On January 12, we dedicated a new addition. This significant expansion gave us multipurpose space, improved building accessibility, and provided much-needed classrooms.

2014 / Updates to the platform, lighting, video and audio systems were completed.


Laura de Jong


Pastor Laura preaches most Sundays, and is also available for pastoral care needs.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 106

Ruth Mulder

Administrative Assistant

Ruth is the friendly voice on the phone and face in the office when you visit. She handles most scheduling and communication, including the weekly bulletin.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 101

Victoria McCarthy

Worship Coordinator

Victoria ensures that all the details of each service run smoothly, and she also coordinates member participation in services.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 109

Rob Wagenmaker

Coordinator of Student Ministries

Rob engages tweens and teens in the life and ministry of the church.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 107

Mary Retsema

Coordinator of Children's Ministries

Mary nurtures the young children of the church through worship and education.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 105

Manette deJonge

Parish Nurse

Manette provides health information and informal health consultation to congregation members.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 111

Rick Geertsma

Financial Coordinator

Rick takes care of the business side of the church, including accounting, payroll and donation records.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 104

Luke Enders

Praise Team Leader

Luke coordinates singers and musicians who play as part of our praise team.

Dirk Weesies


Dirk is our mechanical wizard and exterior maintenance person.
(616) 842-0710 ext. 102

Mark Boelens


Mark keeps the inside of our church clean and sparkly. (616) 842-0710